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Over the last ten years tattoos have become popular with all age groups. The reasons for getting a tattoo are varied—some people get a tattoo as an expression of one’s individuality. Others may get a tattoo to mark an important event. Still others, may get a tattoo to beautify their body.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo it is important to realize that there is a very real chance that you could get
hepatitis B, hepatitis C or another infection while having a tattoo if safety practices are not followed very carefully.

This Website was created to
promote safer tattooing. Please keep checking back for more information and pictures. We welcome advice and feedback to make the website as helpful and useful as possible.


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Protect Yourself with Safer Tattooing practices

There is a possibility of getting a serious infection from receiving a tattoo in an unsafe environment. Talk with your tattoo artist about what they do to keep tattooing safe and disease free.

If you ever received an unsafe tattoo and are concerned about hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Get Tested!

WE RECOMMEND only commercial tattoo artists who practice the following:

  • Use only new sterilized needles and separate ink pots
  • Make sure equipment doesn’t come into contact with anything else that could spread an infection
  • Sterilize any equipment that may come into contact with blood
  • Use safety gloves
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Cover a fresh tattoo with a dressing to prevent infection or disease transmission
  • Safely dispose of any materials that come into contact with blood
  • Check your tattoo regularly to make sure it has not become infected
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